Incoming 📬

Over the last 8 months I’ve been selling prints, stickers, fanbooks and originals online so I could pay for cosplay. After all that time and 50 Euros later, I divided the money into different costumes, and carefully selected my choices. After a year of inactivity, many of the costumes I wanted to do…now seemed irrelevant … More Incoming 📬

Chloe Price | Life is Strange | COSPLAY BASICS!

Someone asked me to help them with their Chloe cosplay, so I decided to post my findings here in hopes that it may help someone else ♥ Consider this a starter pack into Chloe Price’s cosplay/crossplay! BERRET ❥ Chloe’s berret, unlike some people would think, is actually a dark blue/navy colour. It’s a very smooth, … More Chloe Price | Life is Strange | COSPLAY BASICS!