A Penny for my Thoughts

Sometimes I think about the frivolity of everything I make, and it hurts. Putting on a costume, editing videos for people that will never watch them, scroll through notifications in orange coloured balloons and posting pictures with carefully selected tags. Sometimes I hate doing what I do, and at those times I just wanna grab […]

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Bombshell Batwoman | Bat Tutorial

At some point whilst reading this title you thought…why would someone make a tutorial of something so simple? – well, there’s this bat well done, resistant and sealed, and there’s the easy dirty way to do it…I chose the first – . If you don’t wanna go over all this trouble it’s really no problem […]

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Chloe Price | WIG TUTORIAL

To colour this wig I used alcohol based markers in several shades, but by default you’ll only need three shades: violet, blue and aquamarine. Mixing and matching these, making highlights and colouring her roots will help build up the look of coloured hair, much like hers. T I P S : – Colour both the […]

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Incoming 📬

Over the last 8 months I’ve been selling prints, stickers, fanbooks and originals online so I could pay for cosplay. After all that time and 50 Euros later, I divided the money into different costumes, and carefully selected my choices. After a year of inactivity, many of the costumes I wanted to do…now seemed irrelevant […]

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