Nagisa’s Construction Notes (cosplay)

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This is a short journal with construction notes about making my (simple!) nagisa cosplay in both his swimsuit and winter uniform versions! (:
The cosplay may be simple, but like every other costume getting your details right is important, and I tried my best. First thing I did was get a better wig, I waited and took advantage of Arda’s 75$ gift certificate to order their style Derek in Light Blonde, Ginger blonde would be great too! I ordered this wig because I have a small head, and any other curly wig by them would be loose on my head, so, with this style, I could curl it into my own desire ~

Step two was getting the lenses, and I bought my Crystal Max lenses from Alice & Rabbit in Red, they would look perfect on someone with slightly less dark eyes, but they look fab all the same! They make me look more innocent and youthful, a kawaii shota like nagisa XD

The swimsuit mas made using stretch shorts mean to slim them ladies, and painting them with a lot of patience over the course of several hours, using several layers of paint. It was painful, but definitely worth it!
The t-shirt (yellow iwatobi special) was painted, instead of being printed since it was cheaper, and long lasting (by using good quality fabric paint). It doesn’t fade with washing and requires little to no touch up, however, it is a painfully slow process and it takes a looot of time!!! ;_;
The Jacket is to be ordered as I won’t be making it, the cost in fabric alone is bigger than ordering one online, so I’m opting for the second choice. I haven’t ordered it yet because I can’t afford it now /sobsThe Winter Uniform was a whole other gamble. First I had to get a black suit jacket with the right cut, I found the perfect one for cheap, so that was awesome! I know a lot of people haven’t noticed, but the jacket’s cut is exactly the same as the one they have in the ref sheets (;
The white shirt and pants were pre-owned, and I bought 2 different ties to better suit the shoots mood. One slightly darker, and more sober…and the other, vibrant red!
Shoes are plain schoolboy shoes I got second hand for 5 euros! I use them a lot and I might need to get new ones soon ;_;I hope that was helpful! Any other questions feel free to ask ~ 


2 thoughts on “Nagisa’s Construction Notes (cosplay)

  1. Everything looks great! Quick question(s): did you use fabric paint on the shorts? Did you set it with anything? Have you noticed any cracking? I plan on doing Rei for Katsucon and I’m worried about the paint cracking over the course of an 8 hour day. 😦

    1. Hi! I did use fabric paint, and it stayed on beautifully, and it did not crack (I’ve worn it several times)! however, my second pair of shorts painted with latex based paint did crack after going into the water. But that was salt water and a pair of shorts I knew I was gonna loose.
      I didn’t set it with anything, as any varnish would, eventually, end up cracking.
      If you ever consider some other option, you could always sew on lines made with spandex, but I haven’t done any spandex sewing myself as of yet ;_;
      Best of luck! /hugs

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