Kid Loki propmaking | part1

So I recently decided to finish my Kid Loki cosplay in time for Anicomics, which will be happening sometime around April. This wasn’t kidlokiwip2necessarily a problem, being as the only thing I wouldn’t get in time would be the wig and lenses (Chinese New Year yo) ;__;
I separated the “armour” pieces in 6: 1 crown, 1 round chestpiece, 2 bracers and 2 leg things (very professional names, I know…)
The only material I could consider at the time was Craft Foam (or EVA) as it’s both cheap and easy to work with. I used 2mm foam boards and layered them twice to make 4mm, glued them together with UHU glue, (using this technique so the edges would be almost invisible), and sealed them (therefore smoothing the surface and covering the pores) with 6 to 12 coats of 2 parts white glue to 1 part water.kidlokiwip1
I didn’t need to shape them with heat as it was a simple wrap around kinda thing, but I reckon I will have to redo them sometime in the future as craft foam, sadly, isn’t all that resistant. I then painted all of them with an acrylic base, a primer sort of thing, followed by gold spray paint (several layers, actually). I weathered them down with a colour I made up (a sort of old gold) and then added another layer of gold spray paint. The transparency made the ageing look as a soft 3D effect, as I didn’t want his armour too look beaten up, seeing as his simply isn’t.
1544961_575445249208904_420972720_nThe boots I found lying around the house, they’re swede, but they fit right. All the leather boots I had been looking at all say were loose and highly inappropriate. I basically had to work with what I had ;_;
They had about 6 small belts each, which I had to remove. I then coloured the boots a few shades darker and tah dah! Good for now.
The armour goes over them with velcro, and is easily removable.
Next post will be about finishing the props and sealing them with varnish! And after that…it’s patterning and sewing timez ~

See you next time! /hugs


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