Crystal Max Red | Circle Lenses Review | Alice & Rabbit

I recently bought Crystal Max lenses in Red from Alice & Rabbit for my Nagisa cosplay
. I wanted a subtle red to go with his cosplay, because pink lenses are usually too light and often don’t show up in my eyes.

These are the lenses under natural lighting, overall they’re an 8/10 for me in colour, maybe even a 9, but only because my eyes are ridiculously dark ;_;
I still love them immensely, and was super happy with how they look, aka exactly as described and as I wanted them to be. They’re also super comfortable! a 10/10! I can’t feel them at all and I’ve had huge problems with uncomfortable lenses before.

With Flash!

Alice & Rabbit carry super great lenses, from the more to the less opaque, to every cosplay need. I’ll buy their normal cosplay lenses in quite a few colours once I can juggle the money, because I need them for an array of characters (:
This is the best shop for circle lenses I’ve come across so far, because they’re suited for dark eye coloured people, and because of their awesome prices + quality. I definitely recommend checking them out! (:

Whilst standing outside, in the shade ~
You can also check out my video review of these lenses, and the video of me opening up the package once it arrived! /hugs


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