Portuguese Cosplayers | Feature

Good intentions overcome lack of popularity, I hope, so I decided to put together a blog post with facebook pages of some very great, and very talented Portuguese cosplayers. I don’t know if this blog even has enough traffic to make a difference, most likely not, but if you came around this post then maybe you could check out their work, I’m sure you’ll be impressed 😉
I find supporting fellow costume makers important, as putting on a costume and showing what you’ve done takes guts, work and more than enough balls. I often feel embarrassed by my own work at conventions, silly butterflies crawling their way up my stomach when I post a photo. Regardless, these guys are awesome, they really are, so by all means…here it goes!

*I’m sure I’m missing lots of people, but amidst looking at so many pages, I must have forgotten a few…feel free to comment/send me a message and I’ll add it asap! :’)

Manon Cosplay! ^

Windi Cosplay & Makeup! ^

Lokeva! ^

Leonor Grácias Cosplay! ^

Sophie ART! ^

Ana Isabel Santos Cosplay! ^

Saphira Cosplay! ^

Scarlett Skywalker Cosplay! ^

Eiki Cosplay! ^

Sofy Cosplay! ^

Nameless Dreamer Cosplay! ^

Amisu Cosplay! ^

Seobie Cosplay and Art Stuff! ^

Knight-Chan Cosplay! ^

Captain Jack Cosplay – Filipe Sabino! ^

1452158_404758749627867_386718389_nLaura Cosplay! & LazyCats Cosplay! ^

Kuro Sisters! ^

Arisu Cosplay! ^


18 thoughts on “Portuguese Cosplayers | Feature

  1. i’m not a cosplayer but i photograph a lot of them here are some more i just remembered , chibi-cat cosplay , Steffy & Mimi Cosplay , Andrés Liveevil , Ana Sofia Gonçalves

      1. soory about my mistake but , ana Sofia Gonçalves you have already featured in your post as Sofy Cosplay , meanwhile i have remembered another one , Mirian Rose , thx again

  2. Wow I totally didn’t expect to be featured in an article with sooo many awesome people but thank you very much! 😀 I’m also glad you chose that picture because it’s one of my favourites 🙂
    Thank you once again ♥

  3. Yay for showing portuguese cosplayers 😀
    If I could be a nitpicker, could you also link http://facebook.com/lazycatscosplay on the second to last picture? The page is still a work in progress but I guess it’d be more complete if you linked all the cosplayers present in the photo that way 😀

    Oh and thanks for putting us up there in the first place! Cheers 🙂

    1. Yup, parei de o usar durante um tempo mas depois com a armour do Loki e as reviews deu jeito voltar a usá-lo xD
      Quando fizer feature do DeviantART és a primeira que ponho na lista, prometo! /hugs ❤

      1. Afinal até já tinha feito like! ❤
        Mas partilhei na minha página de cos, it's follow Friday after all ~

  4. Fantástico blog!! :3
    Own! Obrigada por me colocares aí (* ///u/// *)

    eheheh é normal te esqueceres de alguns cosplayers quando já são uns quantos 😛 mas deixo aqui alguns que são muito bons :3
    Leandro Martins (Leyyamaguy.com); Steff e o Miguel (Steff Mimi Cosplay) ; Chibi-Cat (Chibi-Cat Cosplay) ; Adri-Chan (Asuna Cosplay) ; Andrés Liveevil (Andres Liveevil Cosplay) ; Miahs Costumes ; Eliana Ferreira (Eliana Ferreira Cosplay) ; Tercy (Sakura Hime Cosplay); Minami & Kyouma Cosplay

    eheheh :3 agora parece-me uma lista enorme xD

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