Dolly Eye Brown | Circle Lenses Review | Love Shoppingholics

Exactly a month ago I won Love Shoppingholics‘s Facebook Circle Lens giveaway!
The lenses were given at random, but I could choose a model I liked and they’d see if they could send it to me….surprise surprise, I got what I wanted! They were super nice and sent me my first choice, Dolly Eye Lenses in Brown.

It came with a cute lens case (it took me forever to figure out that these were fishies…)

And a wonderful note!

The lenses themselves look like this ^ when they’re soaked in solution liquid, I let them soak in my own solution over night and wore them for the review/a makeup test.
lenses2lenses3   In order: no lenses / lenses with indirect sunlight / lenses under direct flash

Overall they’re an 10/10 for me in colour, they show up beautifully, even at a distance. They’re opaque enough to be perfect for cosplay.
I love them immensely, and was super happy with how they look. The colour is more of a Golden Brown / Natural Yellow rather then brown, but if you pick these up I’m sure you’re not expecting them to be natural or very brown like at all, since the previews shown are true to their colour. They’re also super comfortable! a 10/10! I can’t feel them at all and I’ve had huge problems with uncomfortable lenses before.

Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

The website itself seems wonderful, and the packaging came in perfect condition, neatly packed and full of cute little details (like the box containing the lenses and the lens case).
I definitely recommend checking them out ~

As you can see, even at a considerable distance, they still show up beautifully.


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