Amira’s Eye Pendant | Cosplay Tutorial | (Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis)


I started this project on a whim after my boyfriend showed me this anime yesterday, I loved Amira, and got excited about making her costume. I already got a shirt I need to alter and resize that I found for 1 Euro, and that was the calling for Amira’s cosplay (I always need one, it’s like a weird cosplay superstition of mine). This is a simple project, you can use easier ways to do it, including designing and printing the image, then using glue to attach it to the transparent gem, but I wanted to replicate the design with gold and multiple strokes, so I went ahead and painted it ♥.
Part 2 will be about the backing, so stay tuned!

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vThe materials you’ll need are:
Gold, Green and White Acrylic paint | An oval, transparent Gem | Small Paint Brushes | Nail Polish in Emerald Green and Black

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vStep 1
Turn your gem upside down, as you’ll be painting on the smooth, straight side of it. To begin painting, you must first sketch out the design with a fine, permanent pen. Mark the centre black oval, and a few of the designs.
Important!!! You’ll be painting in the opposite order of what you usually would, meaning that whatever comes first in the image must be painted first, and the background colour is the last thing to add, this because you want the details to show on the opposite side of the gem (the curved one), rather than the one you’re painting on (the straight side).
Tip!!! Use blue mixed into the green to achieve a more similar colour to the one depicted in the anime, my blues were dry so I had to make due ;;

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vStep 2
Paint the black oval (iris) with the black nail polish and a small brush, and then the strokes that define the eye’s character with dark green acrylic paint. Wait for it to dry completely.

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vStep 3
At this point you’ll replicate the reference’s design (references can be found at the end of the post for your convenience) with small brush strokes and a combination of different greens (by mixing them with white and gold). First add a light yellowish green mixed with gold around the pupil, then, lightly go from lighter green to the darkest green at the exterior of your “eye”. Add specks of pure gold for a deep-setting look.

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vStep 4
After this last layer is dry, you can finally apply the background colours so it won’t look transparent, like you can see depicted above. Use the Emerald green nail polish here. Apply 4 layers for maximum opacity, or sandwich a layer of acrylic in-between two layers of the same coloured Emerald nail polish.

1st image: after 1 layer of nail polish | 2nd image: after 1 layer of nail polish and a second one of acrylic paint (apply one more layer of nail polish after this).

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vStep 5
After a 2 hour wait so it dries completely (I recommend leaving it to rest till next day), you can turn it to the other side, clean the gem and see the shiny shiny end result!
Tip!!! Use nail beauty buffers (the smooth, last step side) to enlarge the gem’s glow ~


References: Here are some references from the anime for you to work with (ref from eps 1/2 & 3


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