Cosplay Lens – Violet | Circle Lenses Review | Alice & Rabbit

0DSC_3602Alice & Rabbit carry super great lenses, from the more to the less opaque, to every cosplay need.
This is the best shop for circle lenses I’ve come across so far, because they’re suited for dark eye coloured people, and because of their awesome prices + quality. I definitely recommend checking them out! (:

Overall they’re an 10/10 for me in colour, they show up beautifully, even at a moderate distance. They’re opaque enough to be perfect for cosplay.
I love them immensely, and was super happy with how they look. The colour is very true to its name, amethyst violet, they have a beautiful colour and are some of the most vibrant violet/purple lenses available for sale.  They’re also super comfortable! a 10/10! Very quick and easy to put in + I can’t feel them at all and I’ve had huge problems with uncomfortable lenses before.
Important!!! These lenses will show up a lot more if you have lighter eyes, I have very dark brown eyes, almost black, and these still show up so, if you have light brown or medium brown eyes these will be specially perfect.

tumblr_lqcsymORv71ql1l0vPrice: $26.00
Life Span: 1 year disposal
Vibrant colors
High coverage for maximum colouration (only small amount of natural eye color will show through)
Works well with light or dark coloured eyes
Long wear comfort
Different prescriptions per eye is acceptable, also carry non-prescription.

Get them here!


~ Pictures taken with natural light! ~


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