Painting Clear Glass Gems | Cosplay Tutorials


Heyah! I’m writing a new tutorial, this time it’s a simple way to acquire gems for your cosplay needs. Not all gems come in every colour, shape and size, so if you can find a clear gem that is the right shape and size, you can easily colour it any way you want. For patterns or designs, visit my Amira pendant tutorial and work with that example, but if you want to paint your gem a single colour…keep reading!

Clear Glass Gem | Nail Varnish in your desired colour


Step 1:
Turn your gem curved side down, so you can paint the straight, back surface of it. This will create a coloured backing that will appear as though the whole gem is one solid, translucent colour ~
With your Nail Varnish in the colour you want the gem to be, paint several coats and avoid paint overflow onto the curved section. Add however many layers needed (I use between 4 and 6) waiting for each one to dry on its own. After all layers are dry and set, add a silver, metallic backing with either self-adhesive sticker paper or tinfoil (use any glue that dries clear) so if there were any spots that were missing a bit of colour, this will fill them in. This paper or metallic backing also helps when gluing or attaching the gem to other surfaces, should you get it wrong this way you won’t mess up the varnish colour.
Important!!! When painting avoid bumpy or uneven streaks, aim for a smooth paint coat so the gem will be very perfect and natural


Varnish Tips!
For added shimmer and allure, try out shimmery varnish colours, or even metallic ones. The small glitter and shimmer in these will create beautiful reflections on your gems ♥ 


 ♥  Thank you lovelies ♥ 


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