Sailor Moon Tiara | Cosplay Tutorials


Heyah guys! This is a tutorial on how to make a tiara for almost every sailor costume out there, you can add the correspondent gem according to the character and wear it with your cosplay. It’s attached below your wig and with some lash glue, you can also opt by tying it to your head with ribbons coming from each end.
Without further writing, here’s it!
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Craft / Eva Foam | White Glue | Scissors and X-Acto Knife | Mechanical Pencil | Drafting Paper | Gold and Black Acrylic Paint | Sealant / Varnish | Hair Dryer / Heat Gun | Cellophane Paper and Duct Tape | Paint Brushes

~ I’ll be using three brushes, 2 medium sized and a ridiculously smaller one, nº 0 ~
~ Craft Foam wise, I’ll be using the one on the right, the thicker, 2mm one ~

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 1:
For this tutorial to work best, you’ll need a wig stand, but you can also layer the paper around your head or use a readily available internet pattern to skip this step. My method works by wrapping cellophane paper around your wig stand and then covering the portion where your tiara will be with Duct Tape. This creates a three-dimensional mould, and is a very common practice when patterning armour or tight fitting cosplay elements.
With the base in place, draw out a clean-ish sketch of the tiara on it with a marker. You can make the curve bigger or smaller, but make sure that it will frame the head well. Extend the ends further since most wig heads are smaller.
My tiara had a large inwards curve since I have a very small head and forehead, adapt it to your own size and shape for a more flattering look ~

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 2:
Cut out the pattern and lay it over drafting paper (any kind of paper will do, really). Use a weight or tiny pieces of tape to keep it in place and trace around it, later removing the duct tape pattern and cleaning or straightening the lines you’ve drawn further. Don’t forget to check and see if the gem you’re using fits the tiara, you probably did this already on the previous step by intuition, but it’s always nice to check twice!
Cut out this newly drawn pattern ~

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 3:
Lay out this new and improved pattern on your craft foam and trace around with a marker. Once it’s all there cut it following the line inside the shape, not outwards, that way the sizing will remain the same.
After cutting the tiara’s raw foam base, use a mechanical pencil’s metal point (without lead) to lightly carve a line inside the shape, about 2 / 3 mm in. If the line is straight and even, use an x-acto knife to further deepen this line. You do not want to cut this section, you want to make a gash less or while until half of the foam’s depth, so it will create an indent on the it!

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 4:
Now we’re getting this back on our wig stand to heat and form the shape. Use a small piece of tape and stick it to the inside of your foam piece to attach it there with pins without harming the foam. Next, use a blow dryer or a heat gun to heat the piece so it will take shape. This will permanently curve it so it lies comfortably on your head, and without much fret.
Craft Foam, once heated, takes the shape you form it with, hence why it’s used for armour and details like these. It can also be used underneath worbla. If you feel like being fancy and have this material available, cover this piece with a front and back worbla piece to harden it even more, as it makes it more durable ;;
Important!!! Cover your wig stand with cellophane again to protect it from the glue and paint we’ll be applying next, as well as the heat. Protip: you can also heat the foam outside the stand and then press and form, also keep in mind not to overheat the material as it may burn!

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 5:
Once the craft foam has cooled, start by mixing the white glue with water, I use three parts white glue to one part water.
I add 4 to 8 layers of this on the foam to harden and smooth its surface, it creates a more durable prop, and acts as a good base to paint on. Add these layers generously with a medium sized brush and avoid streaks, let each layer dry totally before applying the next. Once you’ve applied all the desired layers, you can use fine sand paper to sand out any undesired streaks ~
Important!!! Avoid using heat to dry the glue, it will most likely crack and leave an unattractive surface to work with ;;

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 6:
At this point we’ll start painting! I use acrylic paint since it’s fast drying and water resistant. To achieve the right colour I mixed caramel toned gold and a very light, shimmery metallic gold.
Add each layer patiently, avoiding streaks, and waiting until each dries completely. If you’ve written a letter in the foam piece like me, you can use it as a reference to know you’ve added enough layers once it’s opaque, since the letter will be completely covered

tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qStep 7:
By now you should have a pretty nice looking tiara, but for extra details, mix some black or dark brown acrylic paint onto your gold leftover paint and with a fine, teeny tiny brush paint the indent on the tiara and use your fingers to blend in the colour nicely, so you don’t have a harsh, darker line. After it dries seal it with matte or shiny varnish, add your gem with glue and you’re done!

Make sure you’ve painted the top and bottom of your tiara too, since photos are unforgiving and it’s enough to make it look a lot better ~

U_O_1tumblr_lok4jiwn6f1qhh19qThat’s it guys!
~ I hope this tutorial was helpful ~
You can also check out how to paint a glass clear gem any colour you want over here. I used this trick to paint the gem for my Sailor Mars Tiara



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