Lost Details in a Cosplay Costume

Making and conceptualizing the process of a cosplay costume is a labour of love so, sometimes, we dedicate our heart and soul into details that never quite show up in the final proof. Photos, the shareable, all-around reachable end journey of our hard-work, sometimes overlooking the things we are most proud of.
The small, intricate details that make people go “aww…that’s clever!” in real life are occasionally too small for the casual viewer to notice.
Here’s my case of the “lost details, using my Hazuki Nagisa Arabian Ending Cosplay Costume as the example \( ‘ O ‘ \)

Finer details like a pearly, or small texture in your costume can really be lost in a photo, in Nagisa’s case it was the sleeve pattern, once which was embroidered onto it, but almost completely invisible once photographed.
Also partially gone were the flower patterns on the vest and the iridescent, light changing blue and violet stripes on the pants. I felt like normal stripes were pirate-y, so I decided for a simpler version, added with some minor embellishments.

Accessories and added embellishments
These suckers can easily be overlooked within a first glance!
To further embellish the vest I hand painted patterns onto it with gold fabric paint and added a trim from which I made only the outer section visible. These, sadly, are barely noticeable.
Not pictured here but with the same issue are the buttons and slight change of design I made onto the back of the vest in order to fit it best, and add a small, western feel to it. I have no idea why I did it, but I did it anyway /shrugs 


This hell of a costume item is fun to make but stressful once overlooked by the bigger picture.
I made sure I matched up the jewellery as best as I could to the reference, but still making it realistic and regal, in a way, therefore, I painstakingly altered moon earrings with a blue bead and made the head jewellery after much trial and error in order to get the shapes and sizes right. Also worth mentioning is the veil, and the support that attaches it to my head; true to reference but with added texture, the trim and pattern are almost gone to the naked eye.


Well guys, those were my costume frustrations, share yours with me?



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