Free! Arabian Cosplay & Reigisas

I never wrote a blog post about this shoot and I have no idea why (/ ; O ;)/
First and foremost, I’d like to say that Kerubyn Photography, aka Fábio Batista, is a very, very wonderful photographer. He captures certain moments beautifully, with a zazz and movement that not many other photographers can ~
That being said, you should definitely go like his page and follow his work!

Onto the adventure itself! I stayed up all night finishing my boyfriend’s Rei cosplay, it came out a lot better than my own and that actually pleases me, because it means that the project itself had a learning curve that will, hopefully, be visible in my next cosplay costumes.
We met the other cosplayers extra early in the morning, face full of makeup and costumes in our oversized bags, got onto the cars and travelled all the way to Sintra so we could have the perfect backdrop for our photos. Looking back I regret not having interacted more, I’m shy, very shy, and all the people there made me awkward about posing and acting properly. I messed up a lot and didn’t move or act as I should have. It was a bummer but, nonetheless, we got amazing, beautiful pictures that I honestly love, all thanks to a photographer and a group’s hard work.
I also forgot to take my camera with me, my trusty, broken Nikon that I intended to bring so I could have experimented a bit with photos myself, capturing a few candid moments off camera, maybe? Who knows ~

Without further chit chat, here are the photos I liked best

Thank you for reading
and, as always,
stay safe my cute bunnies



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