Damian Wayne Cosplay | Photoshoot

This photoshoot happened recently, albeit the costume had been done for years now. I wanted to pack this up and move on, but first I needed proof of concept ~
Streets of Gotham is a comic from the Batman & Robin universe that I love, having introduced Colin (which I also cosplayed ;;) and defined Damian’s character even further. It was probably around 2012 that I made this, and being so simple I could still wear it today without feeling embarrassed!

Me and my boyfriend picked up my first ever DSLR (now swapped for a Canon 700D) and shot this in my house, at the aisle. It’s an empty space with a very neutral tone and it seemed fitting, at least for the resources at hand ~
I balanced a chandelier on my foot, wore a t-shirt in uncomfortable cold but, nonetheless, achieve cool looking photos that I can look back into without too much shame of my current lack of skills.


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