Cosplay 101: Contacts / Circle Lens

endo3This post will cover basic precautions and advice, as well as online stores where you can get your contacts/circle lenses. I took great care in choosing websites I’ve gotten good reviews from, and that suit any cosplayer, with any budget. 

Just like a character’s hair colour, their eyes are also important. Some cosplayers prefer to adjust that aspect of their costume in post processing, when editing photos, but to some it’s a critical part of the overall look that at a convention or a photoshoot, their eyes meet the character’s with the right colour. Contacts are tricky, and before you buy any you should first pay a visit to a ophthalmologist, as some people can’t wear them. Your health comes first, and your eyes are an important part of you so take care of them!  

Basic care and overall precautions:

To hold contacts you’ll need a contact case, cleaning and storing fluid. If you don’t clean your contacts it’ll be uncomfortable to wear them and you might infect you eyes, and just as important as cleaning them is storing them in the right contact fluid so they don’t dry. You can get all these things at eye related stores where you can buy glasses and prescription contacts.
Basic fundamental knowledge: Only you can wear your contacts, no one else can wear them at a risk of infection which can also happen if you switch the eyes in which you use them, that is, the lens you use on your right eye should only be used for that eye, and same with the left. Contacts/Circle Lenses have an expiration date, some last a day, others months and some a year, don’t use them beyond that date! Keeping them clean helps to make them last longer as they’re fragile and might rip or get dry, but other than making sure they’re good, extending their expiration date is not, at all, advisable.  Some lenses might be slightly uncomfortable, others are so great you don’t even feel them. Overall you should never wear them for over 8 hours, and for the first few times use them for even lesser periods of time. Getting your contacts in might be tricky, try following these steps.


Online Stores: 

 Alice and Rabbit’s Shopthis store has highly pigmented circle lenses, great for people with dark eyes. Shipping is free and the prices are very affordable when comparing to their excellent quality.
HoneyColorYou can get several types of circle lenses from different brands. Prices here are usually cheaper than pinkyparadise, and shipping too is less.
PinkyParadiseGreat choice and very good sales, carry many kinds of circle lenses at various prices.
LensVillageSo far I’ve gotten good reviews from this store, they have an attractive, organized website and a big selection of lens.
UniqsoThese guys are all the rage right now, and I do admit, the prices are attractive and they have affiliation options as well. All around a good choice + you get a lot of codes that give you 10% off!
Coseye Lenses here seem to be cheaper than any other store I ever found, great shipping and a good, albeit smaller selection.
LensCircleSimmilar to pinkyparadise and honeycolor.
WRLens – Natural colours and effects, these are very realistic but cost a great deal more than any of the choices above.


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