Ellie’s Bow | Construction Notes

Upon figuring out that I wanted to go to Photoshoot 12# this year, I quickly decided to cast away my freezing ideas and go with something warm and cosy. Enter Ellie, my favourite cosplay to wear and my all time favourite character as well! However, I didn’t want to wear her normal costume again because 1 – I had already worn it to the same event the previous year and 2 – It is being redone and therefore not yet ready for début.
The winter version, in which you play as Ellie, had always been a top priority on my list, but I wanted to collect the pieces, not make them, and the philosophy behind it is that Ellie’s clothing pieces were very likely looted, found and then worn, which means that clothing pieces with some wear and tear, tough love and a few years on their back would have the perfect realism. I looked through thrift shops, people’s “for sale” albums, e-bay and my own wardrobe but I only managed to find….nothing. Sad. Very sad.
With this, and a few adventure after, I finally managed to snatch the jacket which was the key element I was missing. All that was left? The bow!
I wanted to make the bow, but I have neither the tools or place to make it right now, so I had to make due with a cheap base bow for 5 Euros and then alter it. Here’s the process behind it:

The bow started off different from the images above, there was a thread covering a few parts and it was rough. The arrows were just cylindrical, around 50cm long wood pieces. I began by sanding the full piece (and getting splinters all over my fingers in the process) and then colour corrected the wood with a bit of diluted ink.The main differences between this bow and hers were 2 metal pieces that I made out of foam and a leather protection that still lies on my wip file ;;

However, before I worked on those I began by spray painting the arrow heads silver, which I then aged individually (there are 3 of them).

The last step of the bow’s core transformation were these guys! I patterned the shapes with the proportions and measurements correct to both the ref and my own bow and then traced it onto the EVA foam 6 times so each piece would have 6mm (3 layers of 2mm foam). I glued them together, created a bevel with an x-acto knife and then coated it with 3 parts white glue to 1 part water, 10 times each. The paint was 2 coats of black Acrylic paint as a base and then dry brushed pewter coloured Acrylic to give it a metallic look!


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