Chloe Price | Life is Strange | COSPLAY BASICS!

Someone asked me to help them with their Chloe cosplay, so I decided to post my findings here in hopes that it may help someone else
Consider this a starter pack into Chloe Price’s cosplay/crossplay!tealdivider

Chloe’s berret, unlike some people would think, is actually a dark blue/navy colour. It’s a very smooth, untextured piece and can be easily acquired through ebay, better even, it’s filthy cheap!
If you want more contrast between the wig/berret you can also get in in black ~

Material: Polyester
Size: One size Fits Most
Condition: New

Price: 2,00$

| Get it here |

Chloe’s hair colour begs some discussion, and you can either go with the concept art version or the in-game colour. Whichever way you choose, finding the right shade can be tricky. If you think none of these options work for you, go ahead and buy a white/blonde/light blue wig and colour it with either copics or polyester dye. I went ahead and did mine with copics in several shades, cause it felt more natural to me.


From left to righttop to bottom | Prices: vary
| WIG 1 | WIG 2 | WIG 3 | WIG 4 | WIG 5 | WIG 6 |

tealdividerCIRCLE LENSES
Chloe’s eyes are blue, and the most natural / comfortable blue lenses I’ve come across are the ones I’ll show you below. They are vibrant, and work great for darker eyes!



Brand: Super Pinky
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water Content: 45%
Duration: 1 Year

Price: 25.90$

| Get it here |

Chloe’s attire is simple, but has lots of tiny details, and can be easily misunderstood  – see Chloe’s jacket that is actually a SHIRT – this and other surprises can easily set you back.





That’s all for now folks! I’ll update this list once I can find some nice tutorials for the crop top / shirt / pants / etc!!
Thank you


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