Incoming 📬

Over the last 8 months I’ve been selling prints, stickers, fanbooks and originals online so I could pay for cosplay. After all that time and 50 Euros later, I divided the money into different costumes, and carefully selected my choices.
After a year of inactivity, many of the costumes I wanted to do…now seemed irrelevant (however, Amira, Catherine, Gwen and Harley still stand!).

I thought about it so much that at one point I almost decided to quit cosplaying altogether…that’s what overthinking does to you, and stress, and financial mishaps.
But I took a break, came back and went over my choices based on a few things:
My devotion to the character
Cost & Difficulty
Photo ops

Yes, you think about s*** a lot when you can’t afford your favourite hobby, believe me, you do…

The characters I chose ended up being:
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) | Vampire Willow (BTVS) | Buffy Summers (BTVS) | Wanda Wilson (Lady Deadpool) | Batwoman (Bombshell) | Marnie (Myazaki)


// In the wig department, I got 3 for a total cost of 30 Euros (and some cents).
It was a very experimental purchase from Aliexpress’s Aisi Hair. The seller had good reviews and there were even client photos of the wigs, so I felt somewhat safe with the order…however, the buts and ifs remain. My maiden’s heart will rain hell if the wigs don’t get on my impish hands sometime soon(ish).


On other exciting news, my Buffy / Marnie wig is being sponsored by L-Email! Definitely check them out since this is a lacefront wig for 29 Euros (/ ; A ;)/
One of the things I love best about this store, is how you can see their products in video. They have a YouTube channel where you can see the wigs in motion and watch client reviews!! I’m really excited about this because I’ve been their client and reviewer for a long time, and after heaps of time I’m glad they gave me another chance to show you how amazing their products are ~


But yeah, that’s all for wigs!

C O S T U M E   P A R T S

After 30 spent, 20 remained.
I reeeeeally thought out this part, but turns out there were sales on items that I needed at 50% off sooooo, yeah.

First I got a Slytherin Robe for 12 Euros, mind you I’m expecting it to be…not so great, but what I’m really after is the pattern.
I have to make 3 of these, and if I have a pattern to work out of it’ll just save me time and money on wasted, precious, expensive(ish) fabric.
Why? because I cannot freehand loose clothing of any kind, I suck at it :V

Second, I got a pair of Clear Round Glasses for my Boyfriend’s Harry cosplay /cough drarry shenanigans /cough

Third, I bought a Slytherin Tie for my Draco Malfoy cosplay.

And lastly, Bottom Lashes cus lashes are life.


That’s it! 50 Euros got me 4 wigs, 1 cosplay and parts for others…not half bad!
As always, I’ll review all these items once they arrive, you can also expect 3 Arda Wigs reviews once July comes rolling in.


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