Chloe Price | WIG TUTORIAL

To colour this wig I used alcohol based markers in several shades, but by default you’ll only need three shades: violet, blue and aquamarine. Mixing and matching these, making highlights and colouring her roots will help build up the look of coloured hair, much like hers.

T I P S :
– Colour both the top and bottom of each section.
– Use gloves !!
– When you use a cotton pad or a piece of paper to blot the ink and make the gradient, use it while it’s wet to dye the rest of the wig, it’ll save you a bit of time. Simply rub it on the middle section of the wig to tint the fibers.
– When you’re done, wash the wig in room temperature water, then rinse it with a bit of shampoo. Some paint will come off, but it’ll look much better after washing.

R E F E R E N C E S :




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