Bombshell Batwoman | Bat Tutorial

At some point whilst reading this title you thought…why would someone make a tutorial of something so simple? – well, there’s this bat well done, resistant and sealed, and there’s the easy dirty way to do it…I chose the first – .
If you don’t wanna go over all this trouble it’s really no problem (and I’m not judgingbelieve me – ), but giving a little extra effort to your costumes can really be that one thing that makes the difference when you look at it later and think “damn…”.


First things first…get a baseball bat.
If you really wanna be picky, get it with the correct proportion, meaning, look at the figure / illustration and figure out how large does the bat need to be in order to have the same proportions on you. Hers is smaller than you’d think, so take that into account.

Bring that sweet baby bat home.
Sand it, real good!
Most baseball bats will come pre-varnished, as per usual. The varnish can work against you when it’s time to paint, acting against the acrylic – which can lead to chipping and a paint job ruined – you don’t want that.


Tape it, till there’s no tomorrow!
Use masking tape to create straight lines that will block out the darkest, lowest part of the bat. Pretty much that black block of blackness at the bottom. Make sure it’s straight all around and then paint with acrylic, black – like my soul – .
Use thin layers so there are no thick, overlapping portions of paint, and if your black acrylic is too heavy, mix it with a bit of water.


Next step would be…to watch a tutorial!
…so you can make this:
I took a few liberties with the bat, like making the bat symbol different, and changing up the font a bit…but everything else I tried to emulate as best as I could.


At this point, finish off the Baseball Bat with a varnish (like semi-matte wood varnish), and call it a day! Gloat about it, smell it, leave it in a corner to gather dust…wear it ♥


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