A Penny for my Thoughts

Sometimes I think about the frivolity of everything I make, and it hurts.
Putting on a costume, editing videos for people that will never watch them, scroll through notifications in orange coloured balloons and posting pictures with carefully selected tags. Sometimes I hate doing what I do, and at those times I just wanna grab a backpack and disappear, begone from this foul life and everything around me.
We are surrounded by purposeful ignorance, cultures reduced to ash and a vicious desire to be and receive recognition. We forget history and the stories it’s made of, we forget to be humble and human – animals – that live and share this earth with so many others that are in no way beneath us.
We spend hours surrounded by four plaster walls looking at screens, forgetting what’s out there – and many, if not most, do not use said screens to look for knowledge, but for fame and glory covered in green paper with fanciful numbers on it.
I’m not saying we are always frivolous, and bad – much less ignorant – I’m saying we should remind ourselves of what we are, were and will be, of nature and beauty – good and bad – and the air we breath. We are small, and we try to be big in the way companies and money shapes us to be, rather than something else entirely.

I hate what became of this world, but sometimes I see good in it too, yet the good is so few and forgotten, that I can’t help but feel like this, time and time again.


3 thoughts on “A Penny for my Thoughts

  1. Oh, I agree so much. I’ll be honest, it’s one reason I began my CPE blog. I can’t travel cos I am a carer for 2 disabled people. But I love reading about cultures, histories, geography, and frankly I wanted a place on the web that wasn’t just cat memes and 4chan fodder!

    1. Oh how I understand you! I would never be able to afford trips and the thirst for adventure I have, but I spend endless hours nose deep in dusty old books and the forgotten corners of the internet where history and archaeology are alive. I wish we had more of that, and less of what the internet is currently made of ;;

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