Bombshell Batwoman | Bat Tutorial

At some point whilst reading this title you thought…why would someone make a tutorial of something so simple? – well, there’s this bat well done, resistant and sealed, and there’s the easy dirty way to do it…I chose the first – . If you don’t wanna go over all this trouble it’s really no problem […]

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Lost Details in a Cosplay Costume

Making and conceptualizing the process of a cosplay costume is a labour of love so, sometimes, we dedicate our heart and soul into details that never quite show up in the final proof. Photos, the shareable, all-around reachable end journey of our hard-work, sometimes overlooking the things we are most proud of. The small, intricate […]

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Kid Loki propmaking | part1

So I recently decided to finish my Kid Loki cosplay in time for Anicomics, which will be happening sometime around April. This wasn’t necessarily a problem, being as the only thing I wouldn’t get in time would be the wig and lenses (Chinese New Year yo) ;__; I separated the “armour” pieces in 6: 1 […]

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Nagisa’s Construction Notes (cosplay)

Tumblr | Worlcosplay | Facebook Page  |  To check out my Nagisa cosplay, go HERE This is a short journal with construction notes about making my (simple!) nagisa cosplay in both his swimsuit and winter uniform versions! (: The cosplay may be simple, but like every other costume getting your details right is important, and I tried my best. First […]

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