Cosplay Wishlist

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The Sword in the Stone
» Wart / Arthur (in progress, being redone)

Natsume’s Book of Friends
» Takashi Natsume (done)

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
» Nagisa (done, more versions in the making)
» Rei (done, more versions in the making)
» Maid! Nitori (in progress)

Adventure Time
» Finn the Human (done)
» Marceline (in progress)
» Marshall Lee (done)

DRAMAtical Murder
» Aoba Seragaki (2 versions done, main version in progress)

Breath of Fire
» Ryu (III & V)

Where the Wild Things Are
» Max

» Nobita Nobi (done)

» Izaya Orihara (done)

The Legend of Zelda
» Toon Link

Fragile Dreams, Farewell Ruins of the Moon
» Crow
» Seto

Axis Power Hetalia
» Arthur Kirkland (in progress)
» Peter Kirkland

Ao no Exorcist
» Yukio (in progress, almost finished)
» Amaimon (maybe, if money falls from the sky)

Studio Ghibli
» Ashitaka
» Haku

South Park
» Stan (done)

Harry Potter
» Draco Malfoy
» Ron Weasley (in progress)
» Remus Lupin (in progress)
» Harry Potter (in progress)
» Sirius Black (in progress)

Shingeki no Kyojin
» Levi (in progress)
» Eren (in progress)
» Armin (in progress)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
» Human! Mikey

Ookiku Furikabutte
» Tajima (done)

Kimi to Boku
» Shun Matsuoka (done, 2 more versions coming)

How to Train your Dragon
» Hiccup (in progress)

DC Comics
» Zatanna (in progress)
» Damian Wayne (1 version finished, robin costume in progress)
» Colin Wilkes (done)

Dogs, Bullet & Carnage
» Badou Nails (in progress)