Cosplay 101: Contacts / Circle Lens

This post will cover basic precautions and advice, as well as online stores where you can get your contacts/circle lenses. I took great care in choosing websites I’ve gotten good reviews from, and that suit any cosplayer, with any budget.  Just like a character’s hair colour, their eyes are also important. Some cosplayers prefer to […]

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Cosplay Makeup on a Budget!

This is a “tutorial” or a show and tell about a few brands I use for cosplay since they’re very cheap, good quality and overall great. You can get them in many places all around Europe, and a few of these, I believe, should also be available in other countries.

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Free! Arabian Cosplay & Reigisas

I never wrote a blog post about this shoot and I have no idea why (/ ; O ;)/ First and foremost, I’d like to say that Kerubyn Photography, aka Fábio Batista, is a very, very wonderful photographer. He captures certain moments beautifully, with a zazz and movement that not many other photographers can ~ […]

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